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Hello from China!

I'm not quite ready for my 30-day challenge, but I have to let others know that the easiest way to lose weight is to move to China! I have been here 3 months with no car and have to walk in order to obtain food. My choices have not been particularly healthy . . . but I've dropped 20 pounds like it was nothing. For my 30-day challenge I will probably set up my television and do some Jillian Michaels workout DVDs once I find a place to shop that has fresh oranges. I hope everyone else is doing well!

I have no oven, so my life is currently cupcake-free. That's a bit sad. :-)

Promoting Heartburn

Wow, trashy_eats  is like our arch nemesis.

November Update

... I lost a pants size. =]

I feel 30 again!!

I have never scored so low on anything in my life. This includes poetry. p_p BMI is overweight, Cardiovascular (max VO2) is low, bicep strength is average, sit and reach is poor, body composition is high, overall fitness is fair. My body age? 30. Sigh.

Today was my fitness assessment with incredibly attractive personal trainer Ryan. I did rather... bad. :P One thing that I did learn... I don't eat enough! WHAT THE HELL. What he explained to me really actually made sense, and I want to share this with everyone. I'll use me as an example :

At complete rest, my lean body mass will burn 1489 calories a day (known as basal metabolic rate or BMR). In addition to BMR, I'll burn about 447 by processing food and normal daily activities. I'm recommended to eat 1489 calories; 3 meals and 2 snacks.

The reason that I gain weight so quickly after one "bad" meal and 5 months of good eating is the following. I was not eating enough calories. Maybe 1000-1200. So after time, my metabolism slows and gets used to 1000 calorie intake. So when I eat a bad meal that has a lot of calories, that puts me WAYYY over, thus creating weight gain.

So apparently my salad diet was a bad idea. Body got used to hardly eating anything, so a burger would throw my body haywire, because I may be eating possibly 500 calories over what my body can process, for example. So after a burger, let's say I ate 1500 calories for the day. That seems normal for the average person, but for me, that's 200-500 more than what my body is used to.

That makes sense!

So my advice to everyone, EAT! I've been told by ms_mathematics you can multiply the weight you want to be at x 10 + weight (for example, I want to be 130, so  130 * 10 =  1300 + 130 = 1430. That's right around where my assessment told me I shoudl be at. It can be used as a general rule of thumb.

I kind of feel better, but in a way I don't. x_x

Time for... PLAN B

(I realized I posted this in my journal, not the community, so here I go... x_x)


I just wanted to say, I'm about to throw down some big bucks for a personal trainer. Tomorrow is my assessment, and I'm going to get a report on what I need  to eat, how much, how to work out, etc. I will definitely share my findings, and I think this information is going to be very valuable.

info from someone you're paying > info from the internet :D

Stay tuned!

Bring your own 6-pack

I realized what would make me happy, is to have a flat stomach. I can have a curvy butt, boots, thick legs, whatever... But give me a flat stomach, and I'll FEEL like I'm not big.

So I'd like to share myths about your abs with everyone. I'll post a summary here so that you don't have to do click away at articles and be lazy. :P

Myth  : Doing Ab Exercises Gets Rid of Abdominal Fat
Exercising just your ab muscles isn't enough. It will increase endurance and strength though, but not burn the fat away. You have to reduce your overall body fat with lots of exercise (cardio, strength, flexibility) and a healthy low-calorie diet.

Myth : Ab Muscles are Different From Other Muscles of the Body
Most people work their abs continuously every day more than any part of their body with the same exercise. Like any other muscle, there should be days to rest them, and also a variety of different exercises to use so you an target different areas. Here's an advanced exercise example :
Lie on the floor with your legs up (straight or slightly bent) and aim soles of your feet at the ceiling. Imagine that you're holding something fragile on your feet, like a tray of glasses filled with water. Lift the 'tray' straight up towards the ceiling until your hips are off the floor.
You wouldn't do 100 bicept curls, so it makes no sense to put the same pressure on your abs, also. The reason you feel like you can do so many reps is because you might not have proper form. If you're not feeling tired after 50 crunches, slow down and work on your technique and form.

Flat-Stomach Myth
I've read some other articles that it may not be physiologically possible to get  a flat stomach because our bellies are designed to be round, not flat. Of course gender, age, and body type are factors, and sure hormonal changes when your 40 is going to take effect. I just don't know if I believe that some people aren't meant to have flat-stomachs.

I really won't feel too discouraged that I may be stuck with a round belly forever, because honestly I know I have a lot of body fat that I'm working on burning off. A lot of my body is toning up to muscle, but there's still a lot of fat to go. D: Also, genetics wil not determine if you'll be fat.. it may factor how easy it is to gain weight (*raise hand*), but there's no excuse for anyone to be obese.

Last Thoughts
Basically from what I learned, targetting JUST your abs isn't enough to make that fat go away... if there's a layer of fat there and you have chiselled abs underneath, you'll never see if you still have fat! You have to lose fat OVERALL in your body, and that's where the diet and exercise regularly comes into play.

Time travel!

[info]sonatic did it, so shall I. :D

Growing up, I was always a chubby kid. I remember watching a video of me in a play in elementary school, and I had a nice round belly. My family is to blame, really. My dad's side is German, and they made sure I was plump. You weren't healthy unless you stuffed your face on starchy breads and pasta, and had a nice ROUND shape. Genetics took into play, also. Though my mother was Korean and thin, everyone on my father's side are quite chubby. Though, I was destined to have tits and ass.

Over the years I averaged about 150 pounds or so. I definitely had a little extra baggage. I wasn't obese, but I probably could have been in better shape. As a computer nerd, I rather work on my computer or play video games than go outside and play. I did a lot of this when I lived in Florida before, but with no friends in Mississippi, no reason to go out and play. =/

I'm 21 now and I'm fighting between 145-155. I lied on my driver's license and said I was 130, and this is my ideal weight. I'm been eating a lot healthier and I feel great. I know it will take a long time to tone up and lose weight, and I have to be patient. I think what I want most is to have thin arms and a flat stomach. I know I won't ever be 120 pounds or super thin, and I don't really want that. I'm a curvy lady, and I embrace this. Just need to work on WHICH curves. ;)

I'm still an uber geek, but I'm trying to be more conscious on what I eat, and also make sure I'm active. I think as a computer nerd, it's really important that I understand I'll always be sitting in front of a screen, which can lead to health problems like fitness. I HAVE to go out there and work out. Gamers tend to be on diets of Mountain Dew, Full Throttle, and Taco Bell, and that's not the way to go anymore. :[ It's a HARD lifestyle to give up (Mountain Dew and Taco Bell are SO good), but being healthy/happy is worth it in the end. I may be a gamer, but I'm still a woman.

So 130 is my goal. We'll see.


Hotpockets have 7 grams of trans fat, yet they're not considered junk food?

D: I knew they weren't good for you, but damn.

I'm gonnna butter your bread

A little article about whole wheat breads! In honor of how I've been obsessed with eating it lately (it's so good though x_x).

It can be a little confusing, but generally you want to stay away from white bread. For me, I ususally look for no high fructose syrup, multi-grain, and if the calories from fat is 10 or less a slice.

And they taste so good!~ =O